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Setting Debt Free – Releasing the Burden of Student Loan Debt


Feeling the weight of student loan debt is quite familiar among clinicians today and often a factor that is considered when starting and/or maintaining a private practice. As a student loan debt coach, Dr. Babe Kawaii-Bogue will discuss her own journey of paying six figures in student loan debt over the course of three years…

Free – $60.00

Introduction to Psychedelic Assisted Therapy for Clinicians of Color


Have you heard about psychedelics in recent news as it pertains to treating depression, anxiety or suicide? Have you been interested in gaining more knowledge but unsure of where to get started? This may be the training for you! During this event, the history of psychedelics will be explored, along with psychedelic assisted therapy and…


Healing Ourselves to Heal Others: A Virtual Conference


It's time. The past two years have been heavier than ever for most of us as clinicians of color creating spaces for individuals, families, and communities navigating systemic racism, trauma, and healing in a world that still devalues our lives. It's time for us to value ourselves and practice that act through acts that foster…

$250.00 – $420.00

Downloading the New DSM: How to Upgrade from 5 to 5TR


This workshop will focus on the new updates to the DSM as reflected in the DSM-5-TR and provide participants with an opportunity to apply what they have learned. An overview of the purpose of the DSM will be provided along with highlighting the difference between the DSM-5 and the new DSM-5-TR edition. An introduction to…


2022 Clinicians of Color Business Conference


Clinicians of Color is excited to present to you a day of learning and growing as business owners and leaders! Starting and growing a practice (or any business) is not easy. But no matter how successful you become, one thing is for sure, YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE!! Having access to support and information is…

$99.00 – $149.00

Polyvagal Theory and Deactivating The Body


Polyvagal Theory was created by Stephen Porges to explain how the brain and body responds to perceived connection, danger, and powerlessness. At the core of polyvagal theory is perception and neuro-perception. Perception is shaped by our life experiences and its associated narratives and core beliefs. Conversely, neuro-perception, is shaped by the meaning and image we…

Free – $20.00
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