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Liberation Psychology, Racial Stress and Trauma, and Mindfulness and Compassion-Based Integrations


8 dates between Jan 23-May 14
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About this Training

Module 1: Liberation Psychology and Treating Racial Trauma as a Clinician of Color

Racial trauma is a global phenomenon, perpetuated by white supremacist systems. Unfortunately, the field of psychology is yet another system dominated by white supremacist thinking, with many trainees and professionals of color experiencing ongoing racial harm and gaslighting within the field. Thus, how can we as clinicians of color successfully treat racial trauma within Western systems, while still being racially traumatized ourselves in personal and professional settings?

In this 4-part module, Dr. Broderick Sawyer outlines an integrative, empowering approach to treating racial trauma in our patients and ourselves, using principles from liberation psychology.

Session 1. Outlining Liberation Psychology, Behavioral Mindfulness, and Racial Trauma

In session 1, Dr. Sawyer outlines and defines liberation psychology and behavioral mindfulness as a means of treatment and case conceptualization. In addition, Dr. Sawyer outlines specific techniques to teach basic mindfulness via skill building, and in-session behavioral reinforcement. Lastly, he will end with an exploration into a liberation psychology-focused, generational case
conceptualization of collective racial trauma. Specifically, he will outline how all people of color can relocate themselves within a psychology of liberation, which sets boundaries with colonizing styles of living, defines awareness as truth, and engages one’s intuitive self-compassion.

Session 2. Intuitive Self-Compassion and Racial Trauma

In session 2, Dr. Sawyer outlines and defines what he calls “intuitive self-compassion” in healing racial trauma, and in particular, healing internalized racism. Core to liberation psychology is obedience to the laws of physical nature, with self-compassion being less of a skill, and more of an understanding that one belongs and deserves joy as a birthright. Developing this realization then leads to unwavering conviction that one is always deserving of compassion. Lastly, Dr. Sawyer will explain how therapists can learn and teach self-compassion via skill building, corrective relationship experiences, and in-session reinforcement with patients.

Session 3. Navigating Countertransference as a Clinician of Color Treating Racial Trauma

In session 3, Dr. Sawyer outlines and defines the nature of countertransference for clinicians of color treating racial trauma. Without some conscious awareness of unhealed aspects of our own generational, race-based trauma, clinicians run the risk of projecting their own internalized white supremacist self-beliefs and emotional pain onto their patients. Specifically, Western-trained clinicians of color must engage in a continuous practice of self-awareness, to ensure they do not project white supremacist values onto their patients or themselves. Lastly, Dr. Sawyer outlines practical techniques to navigate such countertransference.

Session 4. A Case Example in Treating Racial Trauma with Liberation Psychology

In this case example, Dr. Sawyer outlines what an effective course of integrative treatment looks like when addressing racial trauma with liberation psychology. Pulling core concepts from previous sessions, the final session of Module 1 ties together and simplifies principles learned throughout the workshop series.

Module 2: Meditation and Compassion-Centered Interventions for Healing Racial Trauma

Meditation and compassion-centered interventions are effective for a wide range of psychiatric disorders, and improve wellness in general- but many clinicians are unaware of the power of such interventions in treating racial trauma. Originating in the East thousands of years ago, Western science, being in its infancy, is only now harnessing these interventions which have the power to cultivate drastic inner transformation.

In this 4-part module, Dr. Sawyer outlines meditation and compassion-centered interventions for treating racial trauma, and how clinicians can engage in a parallel-process of practicing the same meditative techniques. Relying on almost a decade of personal practice and professional experience, Dr. Sawyer will teach clinicians to engage this ancient science with practical methods.

Session 1. Basic Mindfulness and Meditation: Embodied Composure

In session 1, Dr. Sawyer will outline the road to liberation using meditation with cultural authenticity, drawing on Eastern philosophy and original teachings- thus side stepping common principles of white, Western appropriation of this topic. Clinicians will learn basic techniques to build composure within themselves, model this composure with patients struggling with racial trauma, and how to teach basic awareness to patients.

Session 2. Intermediate Mindfulness and Meditation: Embodied Affection for the Collective

In session 2, Dr. Sawyer will outline how a practice in building composure naturally leads to basic sanity, which is embodied affection for ourselves and others. By seeing ourselves clearly and approaching life with composure and clarity, we see that opportunities to extend affection are always present. Clinicians will learn techniques to build affection within their own self-relationship, in their relationships with patients, and how to teach patients to develop such a self-affectionate relationship all while combating racism.

Session 3. Cultivating Wisdom and Will with Awareness: Going Beyond the West

In session 3, Dr. Sawyer will outline the challenge of racial trauma in light of building embodied composure and affection. Specifically, he will discuss the role of “cultural conditioning” in our collective experience of racial trauma, how we as people of color can overcome self-doubt and internalized racism, and ultimately connect with spirit; this is possible to achieve by expanding awareness and becoming willfully attached to our values beyond white supremacist conditioning.

Session 4. Repurposing Pain: The Art of Energy Movement and Meditation

In session 4, Dr. Sawyer will address the difficulty in maintaining composure, affection, and self-empowerment when the energies of pain are present. Specifically, he will discuss the role of opening to and repurposing (transmuting) emotional energies of fear, anger, and sadness. He will discuss practical techniques for clinicians to use personally, and how to help patients through these painful emotional experiences. Once learning to engage dense emotion in this way, with plenty of practice, clinicians and patients alike can fully transcend racial trauma and live a life of embodied purpose.

Module 1:
Session 1: 1/23
Session 2: 2/6
Session 3: 2/20
Session 4: 3/5

Module 2:
Session 1: 3/26
Session 2: 4/9
Session 3: 4/23
Session 4: 5/14

All sessions are 11-12:30pm EST

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Dr. Broderick Sawyer

Dr. Broderick Sawyer is a clinical psychologist, meditation teacher, and consultant in Louisville, KY. In addition to his clinical work, he often trains and mentors clinicians seeking to expand their clinical tool belts. He has training in mindfulness, behavioral, psychodynamic, and compassion-based approaches.

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