Trainers Agreement

Thank you for choosing to share your professional training event with Clinicians of Color Online Academy. The purpose of Clinicians of Color is to help therapists start or grow a private practice and provide clinical and business training to help develop skills and knowledge in becoming successful clinicians in private practice. As providing continuing education helps therapists maintain credentials, we host a variety of training events that offer credits.

We want to ensure that your training experience is one that you enjoy and one that benefits our membership. To do that, we want to share some important information about your role as a trainer:

1. Trainers understand that they must a) arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of their event to test technology; b) attend the entire event from beginning to end and c) provide an interactive training event.

2. In efforts to ensure privacy of participants, under no circumstances will Clinicians of Color LLC give or sell the confidential information of participants to any entity or individual to trainers. If trainers have materials that need to be sent to participants, trainers must email them at least one week ahead of the event to

3. Trainers and participants engaging in events provided by Clinicians of Color LLC review and agree to our policy to protect client confidentiality and information. Clinicians of Color LLC prohibits the use of confidential client information at its events. Breachers of this policy will be reported to governing agencies.

4. Clinicians of Color LLC seeks to charge a rate that is reasonable and affordable for its participants. We leverage the size of our network to contract training at deeply discounted rates whenever possible and pass the savings on to our network. Thus, trainers are typically paid $300 per hour of training for regular events and priced to market for special events.

5. Clinicians of Color LLC records its learning events, whenever possible. Clinicians of Color LLC reserves the right to charge fees to access recorded content.

6. Clinicians of Color LLC does not own the sole rights to its trainers’ content but owns the recording of said content. Trainers reserve the right to implement their content beyond this agreement.

7. Trainers and Clinicians of Color LLC reserve the right to cancel this agreement for any reason with 30 days written notice prior to a scheduled event.

8. Review and resolution of complaints and disputes related to provider programs are handled professionally by our team. Trainers may submit complaints and disputes to A member of our team will respond within 7-10 business days with a proposed resolution. If the proposed resolution is not satisfactory, the complaint or dispute will be escalated to senior management. Senior management will work with trainers to resolve any complaints and disputes that can be handled without legal intervention. If no resolution can be reached, legal intervention may be considered by any party involved.