Speaking it into existence

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You’ve heard the phrase–Speak it into existence, right? We use it often, but do you really believe it’s possible?

Let me share how this has worked in my life over and over again. I remember being a young girl and thinking about my life as an adult. My mom will tell you I would frequently say I was going to be rich and live a great life. While I don’t recall those exact words, I vividly remember the dreams of what I wanted for my life.

As I matured and settled into my professional life, I held fast to my earlier dreams. I wanted a comfortable life where I could pay my bills, live in a beautiful home, be generous in my giving, and explore world cultures. I wanted to be married, but I knew I needed a man as ambitious as I and one with whom I could share moral and emotional support.

Well, I can’t begin to tell you the bumps and bruises I met along the way: the financial mishaps, the poor choices in relationships and failed business efforts. There were so many times when I wanted to settle for less than what I envisioned, but that niggling feeling on the inside kept me dreaming.
With each failure, I had to regroup, re-examine, and recommit. I always felt that my breakthrough was just around the corner, and I wasn’t ready to let it pass me. I kept speaking it and sharing it with anyone who cared to listen.

I knew that everything I wanted and dreamed of was for me. I couldn’t shake that feeling, and I could see it when I closed my eyes. I believed that whatever I wanted was within my reach.

I started my practice with the vision of becoming a well-known center that served children, teens, and their families. I wanted it to be a place where we not only offered clinical services but where we provided resources and psycho-educational opportunities. I wanted my practice to be a training site for younger mental health professionals who wanted to refine their skills and get excellent training. I dreamed of serving the underserved and garnering a feeling of gratitude for that commitment.

Here we are in 2019, and I’m there. I realized my dreams. I got married six years ago. I don’t believe in soulmates, but if ever there were a perfect partner for me, my husband is that. He’s super smart, encouraging, and supports my goals. He’s self-employed, too, which has allowed us to create a life that goes quite well together. My dream of traveling? Yup, each year, we take off two months and go out of the country for a month each time. I never had kiddos, but he has two sons, so I get the joy of parenting without physical labor. LOL. I really enjoy the life we created together and to think I met him when I was 42 years old! Nope, wasn’t trying to settle!

My practice is now the biggest private practice in the state. By the end of August, I will probably have 50 or more therapists. The number could grow beyond that because of some projects we have in the offing.

My practice revenue soared over the past two years, and we’re on target to hit four million and beyond! Saying that out loud gives me chills. However, I envisioned this, stayed focused, created strategies (it takes more than one) and darn it, here we are. I surrounded myself with super smart and focused people who caught the vision. I also promised that as the business grew, I would make sure their finances increased as well. I’m a woman of my word, and all of my leadership team will surpass six figures by August. (*Many of the therapists in my practice are in COC and would easily vouch to the veracity of our story*).  

My leadership team and I create visuals for success that include spreadsheets, documents, and goals. We demand excellence from our staff, and we find ways to not only measure our accomplishments, but we celebrate them. In two weeks, I’m taking them and their families to a lovely resort in Maryland. I’m paying all of their expenses and giving them a huge bonus.

Did I speak this into existence? I sure did, and here we are.

As you’re reading this, you might find yourself questioning your ability, feeling awestruck. I want you to stop and avoid putting me on a pedestal. I want you to tell yourself–If Lisa can do this, so can I! Say it until you believe it. Say it even if you don’t yet believe it because it’s true. For me, it was as simple as thinking it, believing it, refusing to give up on my dreams, not being afraid of dreaming large, and indeed not being fearful of failure.

So decide today that rather than giving into your self-doubt and fears, that you’re going to catch the vision for your life–personally and professionally, and keep holding onto it until it happens.

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