DBT Training




DBT Training



Get trained in DBT to improve outcomes with clients who have difficulties with emotional regulation, personality disorders, and trauma. After this training, you will have the skills necessary to practice DBT. Unfortunately, there are very few BIPOC providers trained in this modality. The demand is very high for therapists with these skills. Be one of the few providers in your area who trained.

Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the biosocial theory and dialectical dilemmas.
Describe the modes of DBT and function that they serve (e.g. individual, skills training, phone coaching, consultation team).
Participants will practice use of validation, reciprocal communication, and irreverence.
Participants will be able to assign client target behaviors in accordance with DBT.
Participants will learn orientation & commitment strategies for engaging clients in DBT.
Understand how to structure individual therapy and the key elements that should be addressed in sessions.
Understand and employ dialectical, change, and validation strategies.
Describe how to effectively conduct phone coaching and manage crisis situations.
Identify and describe the content of the 4 skills training modules: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.