Partnerships offer valuable opportunities. Read more to learn how you can grow your business and expand your reach.

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I’ve spent the past few months intentionally seeking and forming partnerships with other professionals in the community where I practice. What I’ve learned is that partners can help a business in many meaningful ways. Here’s what I’ve learned and a few examples of how I’ve benefited from my connections.

1. There is always someone who has more vast or different knowledge than you. Select partners who can help you gain more insight. One of my new connections is an expert in trauma. While she’s not a clinician, she has researched and written widely on this topic. She has enormous access to resources.

2. Your community is full of opportunities for you to be helpful at the same time promote your brand. Depending on your target audience, think about who needs your services. Where does your target audience naturally spend time? Once you figure that out, you can determine where to form connections to promote your services. Here’s an example: Our target audience is children and teens. They spend a lot of time at community centers. We’ve formed a connection with centers in the area to conduct free workshops to parents. This serves two purposes–we provide them with a needed service, and we get to promote who we are and what we do.

3​.​ Your potential partners have connections that you don’t have. Don’t be afraid to ask for introductions. One of my new partners knows many state legislators. She has graciously introduced me to the ones who create laws that affect mental health and education. Huge win!

4. Once you impress your connection with what you know and the effectiveness of your work, that person will gladly promote on your behalf. One of my new partners makes it a point to mention the services my practice offers to every school where she consults.

5. ​The most important lesson is to make sure your relationship is reciprocal. Make sure you’re intentional in helping your partner as much as you’re seeking to be supported. ​