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Dr. Babe Kawaii-Bogue

Dr. Babe Kawaii-Bogue is a Multiracial (African American, Native Hawaiian, white) therapist, writer, and student loan debt coach from San Francisco, California. She received her MSW and PhD in social work and psychology from the University of Michigan and has published and given talks around North America on race and gender, including: Impacts of historical racism and patriarchy, racial microaggressions, dismantling capitalism, Black collective economics, and mental health service delivery models and approaches for African American communities. Her most recent work, Combating Anti-Blackness and White Supremacy in Organizations: Recommendations for Anti-Racist Actions in Mental Healthcare (2020) circulated the U.S. and Canada within the first few days of its release and has since been utilized in universities, hospitals, government agencies, policy/advocacy efforts, nonprofits, and corporations around the globe. Currently, she is writing a book on student loan debt for womxn of color and speaking on the topic to raise awareness about capitalism's modern-day influence on race and gender-based oppression, which disproportionately impacts African American womxn. As a writer, researcher, clinician, and policy advocate, Dr. Kawaii-Bogue continues to pursue her passions for race and gender-based activism, aiming to address systems of white supremacy and patriarchy to ultimately impact the wellbeing of marginalized communities.