How I see four clients a week, yet make more than six figures a year. You can do it, too!!

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I am a hard worker and always have been. It was nothing for me to see fifty clients in one week. While I did this with ease, a schedule like this grew to be unhealthy for me, and frankly, my clients weren’t getting the best of me. I learned early on to never say to referral sources that I am full and not accepting clients because people interpret that as a permanent state. I also believe there are ethical concerns about having a waitlist. When a potential client works up the nerve to call for services, they are in pain and seeking immediate relief. They don’t want to be placed on a list. It became evident that I needed to hire another therapist. I needed help, and I needed someone to take on the incoming referrals. I had no idea what I was doing when I hired my first associate in 2007. I literally learned as I went along and trust, I made mistakes. I now own the largest private practice in Delaware! 

Once my first therapist joined my practice, she quickly got up to fifty clients! I was excited that she was full but again, faced with the same dilemma of needing help. So, I hired again, and this time, I brought on two more therapists. By this time, I was too busy to see clients, as the management of my business required much of my precious time. I still needed to generate revenue, so I put on my thinking cap and figured out what needed to happen to create balance and give me the space to grow and develop my business. 

I sat down with my accountant who helped me to see the light. ? By this time, my practice had four full-time therapists. My accountant and I looked at what revenue was being generated , the business overhead expenses, and what I needed to bring in to pay myself. Alarms went off—my associates were making enough such that their revenue, alone, was enough to pay me a six-figure salary and cover the business overheard! I slowly transferred most of my clients to a fifth therapist whom I subsequently, hired. 

As of today, I only see four clients and have not taken new referrals in over a year. I’m only in the office 1.5 days a week. I work from home. I have time and freedom to do other things that bring me joy and yet my business continues to flourish. I’m going to Asia for almost the entire month of February and don’t have the worry about how things are going or if I can afford to take off that much time!!?? 

My practice is now at 38 therapists, and we continue to onboard new ones. I surmise we will be at forty by April. Was this my dream? No way. However, as soon as I opened my mind to growth, growth happened, and I stepped up to the plate. 

The important message from this email is if you’re looking for a way to increase your business and personal revenue, it’s possible. If spending more time with your children, spouse or doing other things is a priority, this might be the direction you need to consider. You needn’t grow to a massive business, but you can replace your salary by bringing on two to three more associates. Join my group practice development class. I’ll teach you how to grow a business that can ultimately make your life easier and perhaps create the simplicity you desire.

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  1. Novena on January 20, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    Although group practice is a goal of mine im trying to solidify a template for my current private practice…Do you offer something like this for private practitioners or would you say this program is applicable for individual as l practice as well?.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Lisa Savage on January 20, 2019 at 7:45 pm

      We offer another program for solo practitioners. You can get more info by clicking this link. Keep in mind, if you want in, the first class starts tomorrow, Jan. 21 @ 7pm EST. It’s not too late if you’re interested.