How focusing on a vision will help you reach your goals.

It’s the new year, and many of us are setting personal and business goals. Goals are crucial and essential if we want to experience change and growth. How many times have you set a goal only to fall off after a few weeks?  It’s frustrating because your intentions were solid.

  I recently took a class with the Profit First guru– Mike Michalowicz. He talks about how setting a vision is more important and useful than a business plan. In this article, I’ll review some of the tenets of how he suggests this is accomplished and why.

Sometimes we set goals that are unrealistic or based on the expectations of what we should be doing rather than what we truly want to be doing. Before creating your goals, focus on your vision. For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on business vision setting although these same principles can be applied to more personal goals.

First, think about your purpose. It’s important to write this down. You can always modify it, but putting it in writing helps to keep you focused. Here are some things to consider when writing your purpose. Why are you doing what you do? What inspires you? What draws you to the population you serve? What keeps you going on the roughest of days?

Next, what impact do you want your business to have? Years ago when I started my practice, I understood there was a lack of easy access to services for children. I desired to change that and have an impact on the lives of families in my state. I envisioned my practice being the premier place, not only for therapy but psycho-educational services for parents. Additionally, I wanted to be known as the expert for community and school-based services. Well, holding steadfast to that vision is how I have grown my practice to over thirty-five therapists providing services in over 80 schools and several community centers. Can you see how important and powerful setting an intention for your business can be? Furthermore, each school-year we determine how many children and families we want to provide services to as a means of meauring our impact.

Next, using the power of your imagination, think about how you want your business to look. Does your office reflect how you want it to look? How does it feel when you enter your office? If you don’t have an office, can you imagine how you want it to look? What kind of feeling do you want to elicit when one enters your office? Do you want to hire others? When? If so, what professions? How will they enhance your business? How will they reflect your vision?

What do you want others to think about when they think of your business? *Hint* this is part of branding. What’s the message you’d like to send potential clients about your business? What will set your business apart from others who offer similar services? How will you assure that the service you’re providing is of quality and meets the needs of your clients?

Money! This is the sexy yet sometimes elusive part of building a business. If you’re not making money or managing it correctly, what’s the point of being an entrepreneur? Think about how much you want to make. Be clear but be realistic. How much do you want to earn this year? What will it take to earn that? Don’t forget to factor in taxes, time off, benefits and other costs associated with paying yourself (payroll, bank fees).

Separate from your personal income consider what you want your business revenue to be as well. *Hint*–Your business revenue is not your personal income*. Whenever I focus on financial goals, I find myself more invested in staying on task. Don’t be afraid to set lofty goals, but make sure your plan to get there aligns with your goal. Example, if you want your business revenue to be one million dollars, what kinds of services will you need to provide, how many sessions need to be conducted, and finally is your price point realistic to help achieve this goal?

What’s your takeaway? 1. Start today and craft your vision plan. 2. Use the power of your imagination to visualize the kind of business you want. 3. Write it all down and amend as necessary. 4. Create a business that separates you from the pack. 5. Set the mission for your business and stay focused. 6. Do it today!


  1. Ginger on January 2, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Very insightful. Great read to get myself focused and intentioned.

    • Lisa Savage on January 2, 2019 at 3:49 pm

      Thank you! Push forward.