Profit First for Minority Business Enterprises w/Susanne Mariga, CPA

PROFIT FIRST for Minority Business Enterprises




May 4th
7:00pm EST


Online Training
via Zoom


FREE for paying COCOA members


Want to know how to make money in your practice and keep it??? Learning how to turn a profit on day one, can be a game changer for those of us who have and run private practices. Susanne Mariga, CPA is the author of a soon to be released book entitled, “Profit First for Minority Business Enterprises”. She will be conducting a training for COC on the Profit First, helping us to understand not only why we should be using Profit First, but also how. For those new to Profit First, this will be a great introduction and for those who are already using this method, this can be a great refresher. Her book scheduled to launch on 5/25 will give details and the steps to implementing the Profit First method, which many have experienced the benefits of, almost immediately. With Profit First you will have a better understanding of the money that comes in (and goes out) of your business. But most importantly, you will learn how to make sure that no matter how much (or how little) you make, that you will be guaranteed a profit!! Note below: A portion of the proceeds from this course will be going to Hope Worldwide Zimbabwe to help send young girls to school!! So JOIN us for this valuable workshop. You will not only be “getting a little” but also “giving a little”!

There will be Q&A and it will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live session. Members of COCOA, no need to register, you can attend for free. However, if you wish to still donate, we will send the link separately.

NOTE: Susanne has committed a percentage of the proceeds from her book to send girls to school in Zimbabwe. So, when you purchase Profit First for Minority Business Enterprises, you contribute to an education that will alter the life of a Zimbabwean girl. By allowing young women to receive an education, not only do you alter their future, but you pivot the future of their offspring for generations to come. She thanks you for being part of her mission of changing legacies.

To further support Susanne’s efforts, COC will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this course to her cause at Hope Worldwide Zimbabwe.


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Lillian Ramey

Lillian Ramey has 20 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is an EMDRIA-Approved Trainer and Consultant with the Rivers Edge Institute. Lillian currently has a private practice in Durango, CO where she specializes in treating complex issues and trauma. She has been using EMDR and DBT as primary treatment modalities for the past 12 years with all ages.

Susanne Mariga is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Tax Coach (CTC), and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) with over two decades of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals through business and personal tax planning. Before founding her own firm, Susanne worked at Arthur Andersen LLP, as well as one of the Big 4 firms, KPMG. Combining her industry knowledge with her own experience of growing a small business has allowed Susanne to help her clients design unique, profit-first based business plans that ensure success and long-term financial stability. As a Certified Profit First Professional (PFP) at the Mastery Level, she is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs maximize their revenue and grow their business. She is the host of the Profit Talk Podcast, where she discusses business tips and strategies. She is the author of book Profit First For Minority Business Enterprises (2021).

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What are the payment options?

You will be able to either:

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What if I pay and can’t attend on the dates of the training?

We will issue no refunds but can apply your payments to the next upcoming EMDR training.

Who will provide the zoom link for the training?

Lillian Ramey, the trainer from Rivers Edge

When will I get my CEU certificate?

Lillian will award the certificate upon completion of all six days.

Who arranges the consultations?

Lillian will arrange them at the end of the training.

How much does this event cost?

This event costs $30

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There will be no CEUs for this event.

When will I get the zoom link for this training?

You will get the Zoom link before the training begins. If you have any questions, you can email us

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