Shades Of Grief

with Alesia K. Alexander, LCSW, CT


About this Course

1.5 million youth in the U.S. are grieving the loss of a parent or significant person in their lives. As we continue to experience communal, and personal associations to the pandemic, these losses will continue to grow and change our communities. The times call for professionals to respond to their own loss histories, and to make room for more concrete, intentional responses to client and community needs. As professionals, it is important to understand the dynamics of this unique experience so that we can offer support that is relevant, culturally aware, and sensitive to individual, and community grief needs. This fun, (yes, fun!) and experiential digital session will offer a new lens to view work with underserved populations. Content to include activities, focus on cultivating peer support, inclusive and resonant facilitation skill building and family based-, group and individual processing considerations.


About Your Instructor

Alesia K. Alexander is a passionate advocate for engaging grief and loss compassion and competency building for professionals and communities. She has spent over 20 years engaging inclusion, and the range of experiences in change management, supporting grief and loss and its’ impact on families, young people, and BIPOC communities. She is the author four grief resources, and has been featured in “Speaking Grief”, PBS documentary on grief and loss.

Course Content