Grief: Trust The Process

with Dr. Markesha Miller, LPCS, NCC, ACS, LAC, C.Hpt

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About this Course

At some point, interruptions will occur within our life cycle. As these interruptions surface, grief becomes more evident. This training will focus on the complexity of personal loss and understanding the role of the clinician during the grief process. Grief affects individuals differently and also at different times. During our current pandemic, the feeling of loss is overwhelming. People are grieving. People are grieving the loss of family members, friends, income, experiences, NORMALCY, etc. After the pandemic, lives will continue to be affected. Understanding how to effectively treat those who may be grieving will prove to be an essential part of your practice. Dr. Markesha has an extensive background in mental health serving in a variety of capacities including teaching and supervising. She currently owns and runs her own private practice in Columbia, SC.

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