Creative Techniques With Children, Adolescents And Teens

with Katiuscia Gray, LCSW, CYT

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About this Course

Katiuscia Gray, affectionately known as “Miss Kat” to her clients, has been in private practice part-time for the last 3 years. She went into practice to specialize in children, adolescents and teens and has successfully built a practice which is now busting at the seams. Not everyone enjoys working with kids, but Kat was clear about her passion and has tapped into her market with tremendous success.

In this course, Kat shares tips and techniques that have been successful for her when working with this specialized population. She recently became a certified Yoga Therapist, which has given her additional tools to use that help her teach her clients how to regulate emotions and manage anxiety.

You will walk away with tangible tools in this masterclass that you can use TOMORROW if kids are who you see or plan to see in your own practice.

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