Create a Profile That Attracts Your Ideal Client

Marketing Official

About this Course

Marketing effectively is one good way to get clients in the door.  Having a profile that attracts the clients you want can make all the difference when starting and building your Private Practice.  Having a attention grabbing landing page on your website, can also be the difference between some calling you or by passing you in their search for therapists.

This course will take you step by step in the process of creating a profile and landing page that speaks directly to your clients and will leave them feeling like they MUST call you.  There are specific strategies and techniques that work in getting clients to believe that YOU are the one who can help them.  Once you understand how to connect with your ideal client, the easier it becomes in writing content that will appeal to them and their specific needs.

You will learn

1- The benefits of creating a winning profile and landing page

2- Why some profiles don’t convert or attract clients

3- Key Elements of building a winning profile and landing page

4- Formula for creating a winning profile/landing page

5- Specific exercises that will guide you in the process of creating a winning profile/landing page

6- How to put it all together and create your winning profile (including tips and important things to remember)