Autism and Adolescence – Parts 1 & 2

with Keischa Pruden, LCMHCS, LCAS, CCS, CPP


About this Course

This 2-hour live program is broken up over two days and aimed to help counselors better understand how autism spectrum disorder looks among adolescents with emphasis on biopsychosocial perspectives. Attendees will also learn about effective strategies and interventions for working with this population and consider community resources that can help build collaborative and integrative systems of care for these individuals.


Learning Objectives:

a) Identify specific issues related to adolescents who live with autism spectrum disorder from a biopsychosocial perspective
b) Identify effective strategies/interventions for spectrum-related difficulties
c) Identify available resources to aid parents, teachers, therapists, other helpers in facilitating success in the lives of adolescents who live with autism spectrum disorder


About Your Instructor

Keischa is a licensed psychotherapist, autism advocate, published author and cheerleader to all who know her. Her passion for autism advocacy began organically. She honed her advocacy skills with her oldest son, Aaron, who is on the autism spectrum, while he was in school. She later began advocating for her autistic therapy clients and their families. Her passion then led her to author a children’s book about autism, aptly named, Aaron and Me: Our Journey on the Spectrum, based on her sons’ relationship. Keischa firmly believes every child has a right to their definition of a meaningful day.

Course Content