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We're no longer splitting memberships.  A monthly or yearly COCOA membership gets you access to all our basic content, including our clinical courses, documents library, training replays, and much more. Choose your payment preference below to switch your membership over!


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What's Included in Your Membership


Practice Building Trainings

Practice building trainings including a step by step road map that guides you through the process of starting your solo private practice.  The library of trainings also includes guidance in starting a private practice and school based mental health practice.  Course topics include:  strategies for marketing, how manage insurance and credentialing, how to pass an insurance audit, how to set fees, business basics including financial management and others.  We also create additional trainings based on your feedback. YOU tell us what topic you want and we will create training for it. What better way is there to get exactly what you need?


Clinical Case Presentations Using Various Modalities

Members will have the opportunity to hear colleagues share how they use various modalities with their clients.  Presenters will provide a case example and help us understand how their chosen modality was used effectively in treating their clients.  This is a unique opportunity to learn about different modalities and how they are used in practice.  It can in some cases be used as a pre-curser to you deciding on whether to seek additional trainings.


Free Directory Listing

All members will be eligible for a FREE listing in the COC Directory where clients are frequently searching for therapists. This gives you additional advertising for you and your practice.


Access to our Intensive Accelerator

Members will be able to sign up for our Intensive Accelerator to be offered only 2x a year!  This will be a 10-week intensive that will include 1- weekly live teaching sessions, 1- weekly implementation/co-working session for check-in and accountability.  This will be available at an additional cost for MEMBERS ONLY!  It will also be quickest route to you achieving your stated goals of starting, growing and expanding your private practice. 


Soul Care Circles

The business of Private Practice can be a lonely road. We recognize the importance of maintaining self care and having a safe space to receive and provide support to each other. To help with the potential feelings of isolation COC will be hosting monthly Soul Care Circles, where members will have an opportunity to meet and support each other in a smaller and more intimate setting. The focus of these sessions will be on your own needs, both professional and personal.


Forms & Documents

Being a member gives you access to FREE documents and forms needed to start and grow your private practice. Examples of documents include: sample release of information, sample standard intake, sample progress note template, sample treatment plan template etc.


Clinical Trainings

Our library consists of a variety of clinical trainings, many offering CE credits when attended live. Many of the trainings are taught by fellow BIPOC clinicians sharing expertise and knowledge in their respective specialties.  Sample trainings include courses on trauma, play therapy, psychedelic assisted therapy, anger management and host of other topics.  By being a member one can earn and attending the live trainings, one can earn up to 24 CE credits per year!!  The trainings and CE's are included in the cost of the membership.  In addition, COCOA offers opportunities for colleagues with specialized trainings to present cases demonstrating their use of a specific modality they have advanced training in.  This is a unique way to be exposed to a variety of approaches giving you broader knowledge of how various approaches are used in practice.  Lastly, as a member you will receive discounts to high ticket specialized trainings such as IFS, Solution Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy, just to name a few!

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership will now be all-inclusive, with everyone having access to ALL trainings and resources. This includes ALL clinical trainings, all practice-building trainings, forms and legal documents, case presentation videos, and a FREE directory listing.
The new membership will have additional features, such as:

  • Out-of-the-box, ready-to-use training manuals for clinicians, both clinical and business related, for you to use for yourself or with clients or staff
  • Ongoing AI trainings focusing on ways to use it for growing your business
  • New self-care sessions that are designed to foster community and connectedness, including meditation, breathing, stretching, and overall support, which many have expressed as a need
  • No additional cost for CE credits for the 2-hr COC clinical trainings (with at least one per month, giving you up to 24 CEs a year). CEs will now be included in your membership fee
  • And additional resources, such as access to our Accelerator Training and future retreats, will be available for MEMBERS ONLY!!

Your payment for this new membership will be pro-rated based on your last payment. You'll find the details of your payment when you click on your monthly or yearly payment option below. If, after you've viewed your upcoming payment, you still have questions, please contact us at

We will be ending the old memberships on ____.  In the meantime, you can still access your previous membership from here. 

 There's something synergistic that happens when working in a small group with others. The shared accountability, support, the intense focus can help you to accelerate your goals. You'll be in a group of like minded individuals who have similar goals. Each week we will focus on a specific topic which included teaching and Q&A. Please keep in mind this is for MEMBERS ONLY and those who are serious about rapid growth"

Delete the "how often will the trainings be loaded" FAQ question

Choose your membership payment option below:

Your payment will be pro-rated based on when (and what) you last paid.



  • Get access to our COCOA content for one recurring monthly payment.



  • Best Value - save $191 when you select this yearly subscription.