I just finished a session with one of my consulting clients. She’s making significant progress but experiencing frustration because she hasn’t come up with the ‘next great thing.’ Her exact words– Why is it that others can come up with these brilliant ideas that seem to soar and I keep getting stuck?
My response to her– Full stop! What makes you think you haven’t already come up with a brilliant idea that you but you lack the confidence to see through?
Then there was the sound of crickets on the other end of the phone! Once she caught her breath, she came back with– I have no response! LOL

Lesson of the day–stop admiring others and get to work on your ideas. It’s perfectly fine to respect what others are doing, but you have to be mindful that subconsciously you aren’t talking yourself moving forward. The risk in comparison that can trigger self-sabotage and stop us from taking action on our ideas.

What you can do–

1. Get comfortable taking risks. There’s no guarantee that every idea you come up with will be fruitful. However, if you don’t jump then how will you know if it stands a chance to being the next great thing?
2. Stop being afraid of failure. I’ve learned some of my greatest lessons that have then turned in to being my best assets by failing. What I’ve learned is that pivoting is a skill that many entrepreneurs shy away from because they lack the confidence to move in another direction.
3. Think big but act small. There’s no need to charge out the gate. Learn how to be intentional, create strategies, and be consistent. It’s the small steps that will get you to your ultimate goal.

The next time you find yourself admiring someone else’s genius, don’t forget to acknowledge yours, too. Interested in starting or reviving your practice? Email us!


  1. Dr. Damita Lucas on November 13, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    Insightful – Think big but act small. Really be that inside out.